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Business Operations Manager




Full time


Business Operations

Job brief

We are looking for a Business Operations Manager to lead and oversee the work of employees in our company and oversee daily activities across functions such as human resources, product development, marketing and regulatory compliance.

Responsibilities include setting strategic goals for the future, designing policies, overseeing customer service, human resources development, and implementing technology solutions. You should be a responsible leader with an analytical and strategic mind and have a broad knowledge of the business. If you’re also committed to productivity and compliance, we’d like to meet you.

Ultimately, you’ll ensure our operations run smoothly and that people are productive.


  1. Designing and implementing business operations
  2. Develop business strategy, goals and objectives that tend to growth and prosperity
  3. Design and establishing policies that align with overall strategy and promote company culture and vision.
  4. Ensure that the company has the adequate and suitable resources to complete its activities (e.g. people, material, equipment etc.)
  5. Coordinating operations of the company and the work of marketers, product developers, customer service and management.
  6. Implement efficient processes and standards
  7. Coordinate customer service operations and find ways to ensure customer retention
  8. Ensure compliance with local and international laws (e.g. data protection)
  9. Manage contracts and relations with customers, vendors, partners and other stakeholders
  10. Evaluate risk and lead quality assurance efforts
  11. Oversee expenses and budgeting to help the organization optimize costs and benefits
  12. Supervise the work of employees and provide feedback and counsel to improve efficiency and effectiveness as well as mentor and motivate teams to achieve productivity and engagement
  13. Report on operational performance and suggest improvements

Requirements and skills

  1. Familiarity with all business functions including HR, finance, supply chain, IT, marketing etc.
  2. Demonstrable competency in strategic planning and business development
  3. Working knowledge of data analysis and performance/operation metrics and reporting
  4. Excellent knowledge of MS Office, databases and information systems
  5. Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities
  6. Excellent interpersonal skills, analytical mind and problem-solving aptitude
  7. Aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving
  8. Good with numbers and financial planning
  9. Outstanding communication and negotiation skills
  10. Minimum first degree in Business Management, Computer Science or other relevant field is required.
  11. An MBA or other professional qualifications will be an added advantage.

Growth and Progression

  • Upon a minimum stay of 12 months, Managers can progress to Senior Management roles. Partnership opportunities also available.


  • Industry average (with peculiar environmental factors consideration).

Internship Entry level

  • Applicants with experience gap can apply through our internship route by sending an internship application to [email protected]

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